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S2T builds Digital Intelligence solutions based on real-world operational experience blended with deep technological expertise.

Real-world operational experience helps our people see the world from a different perspective than pure technologists or software developers. It drives our people to identify practical tools and capabilities that can help operational users in the real world, in realistic time frames and with realistic amount of resources. Our team brings to the table immense real-world operational experience spanning decades, across five continents.

Our deep technological expertise spans diverse domains such as:

  • Deep learning
  • Machine learning
  • Full-stack AI
  • Cybersecurity
  • Statistics
  • Linguistics
  • Communication
  • Geographical information systems
  • Big data processing
  • Mobile computing
  • Operating systems

We mix all of these with the latest frameworks and development tools to create cutting edge applications which empower operational users to deliver rapid and decisive results.

We develop our solutions with an agile mindset. Starting from a proof-of-concept, moving to a minimal viable product, and iteratively perfecting the product and testing it extensively so that released products can meet the need of the most demanding operational users.







Empower analysts to rapidly extract the knowledge they need from mountains of information available in the Web, Deep Web, Darknet, Mobile applications, or in internal systems. This will allow our customer to achieve their business objectives, and in the process make the world a safer place.

We aim to achieve this by building solutions which have our four A’s:


The knowledge surfaced by systems is actionable and relevant.


The workings of our systems are adaptable to the needs of customers, both in terms of local and cultural differences but also in terms of the rapidly changing threat landscape.


Our solutions incorporate AI in multiple levels to allow analysts to rapidly scan large amount of information, ranging from text, photos, videos, audio, and networks.


We use robotic process automation to reduce the amount of manual work, yet create explainable and repeatable results.

Quick Facts

Established in 2002

S2T was incorporated in 2020 in England.

Rapid time to market

We offer rapid time to market, with multiple success stories of delivering Digital Intelligence solutions with minimal deployment time.

Vast experience in implementing methodology

We have vast experience in implementing methodology and technology in tier-1 security organizations.

Vast experience in implementing methodology

Our methodologies and technologies are continuously evolving supported by our team of multi-national and multi-lingual Analysts.

Deployed solutions to the most demanding customers

Our systems provide an end-to-end solution for target acquisition, target prioritization, uncovering unique insights, contexts, geolocations, and relations.

System Integrator

Our solutions are fully operational and have been successfully deployed to dozens of customers across five continents.

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