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Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) are required to conduct complex investigation. The advent of the Web and advanced technology has created new forms of crime, Cyber-crime, but also created opportunities to accelerate investigations through digital means.

Law Enforcement

Our solution allows investigators to discover the online presence of persons of interest, and reveal their social links, known associates, and areas of interest. Investigators can conduct secure online investigations. All evidence gathered is timestamped and recorded using advanced mechanisms to ensure compliance with local rules and regulations (e.g. 28 CFR Part 23 in the USA). Our systems automatically extract locations where available in Web sources, and we can add geolocation information from multiple sensors as part of our Deep Fusion offering.

LEAs often have a growing number of information sources, and our Deep Fusion platform allows to easily combine data from multiple sources to support operations, investigations, or intelligence needs. Users can quickly sift through case data, 911 call data, telco data (e.g. CDR or IPDR), forensic data from computers or phones, financial data and any other available source.

All our tools provide case management, target management, report production and alerting tools.


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