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Founded in 2002, S2T is a global leader in the field of Web Intelligence (WEBINT) and Cyber Intelligence. Our approach to WEBINT and Intelligence in general is to combine best-of-breed methodology with cutting edge technology. Our technology provides actionable intelligence using automation and AI, and is powered by our constantly evolving WEBINT methodologies. We frequently share our methodologies through our training programs.

We deliver targeted intelligence to customers worldwide, including law enforcement agencies, multinationals, financial institutions, sports clubs, revenue authorities, and research agencies.

Our intelligence services rely on our Goldenspear suite of intelligence tools, providing comprehensive coverage of online sources, including closed forums and groups, chat services platforms, illicit marketplaces, paste sites, social media, and surface websites. To provide the best possible response for a Request for Intelligence (RFI) we complement our technology with a multinational team of experienced analysts with extensive investigative skills.

Our team brings to the table fluency in different languages. In addition to Western languages such as English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese, we have team members who specialise in Asian languages such as Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, and Burmese. The team includes individuals coming out of tier-1 investigative services such as the GCHQ (UK), MI6 (UK), CIA (US), NSA (US), FSB (Russian Federation), Mossad (Israel), Shabak (Israel), and 8200 (Israel), as well as veterans of local law enforcement in the Middle East, South America, Central Asia, and East Asia.

Beyond language skills and experience, the team brings intimate understanding of social norms and slangs used online. A significant part of our investigations may include direct interaction with threat actors, applying the art and science of Virtual HUMINT. Such interactions with threat actors are facilitated by our powerful Deep WEBINT avatar management tools. To ensure structured management of engagements, we follow our Deep HUMINT playbooks to ensure intelligence gains exceed intelligence losses.

For investigations related to Cyber Threats, our technical team can complement intelligence collected with malware analysis, reverse engineering. For other investigations, we can complement the intelligence collection with other means, such as HUMINT or social engineering.

We typically follow a classic intelligence cycle, comprising of:

  • Planning and Direction
  • Collection
  • Processing
  • Analysis and Production
  • Dissemination

The final product will usually be delivered as a written PDF report with diagrams, charts, and screenshots to supplement the findings.

Some examples of Intelligence-as-a-service work we did over the years:

  • Deep investigation related to cyber threat actors to better understand their organization and motivation for a central bank
  • Periodic “Horizon Scanning” for Government agencies looking for new technologies and inventions related to their areas of work
  • Competitive intelligence for a Media group in Central America
  • Maritime intelligence reports relating to vessels and their crews
  • Bitcoin related investigations to trace cryptocurrency movements
  • Finding relevant information about the mastermind behind a kidnapping in a South American nation

If you need to uncover insights related to a specific issue,
please do not hesitate to contact us.