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We believe that methodology is as important as technology. We provide training as part of our project implementation but also as standalone courses to interested parties. S2T has delivered over the years dozens of training courses to our technology customers as well as to training-only customers.

Our course syllabi are constantly updated against changes in the landscape as well as with new techniques and practical tips. While we have standardized syllabi, we customize program delivery to the level and interest areas of the audience. While majority of our training courses are delivered in English, we deliver some of the courses in other languages such as French, Arabic, Russian, Bahasa Indonesia, and Chinese.

Our current list of courses are listed below.


General Course

For Beginners:
Web-based research and investigation

Intermediate Course:
Techniques and Tips for Effective Analysis

Advanced Course:
Methodologies for Extracting Actionable Information from Web-based sources

Dark Web Investigations:
Extract Dark Web information safely and effectively

Online Engagement and Virtual HUMINT

Mobile Applications as a Source of Intelligence: Gathering targeted information from mobile apps as an ordinary user (no hacking)

Using Open Source software to meet your needs

Topical Course

For Red Teaming:
Reconnaissance tools to find targeted information about servers, devices, and personnel in an organization.

For Cybersecurity Analysts
Identify new or imminent threats before incidents happen by tracking vulnerabilities, exploits, information published by analysts and white hat hackers, and discussion on closed forums and markets.

Generating geo-specific Digital Intelligence, using advanced search techniques and geofencing

Finding the Lone Wolf
Techniques to identify Lone Wolf attackers online, before it is too late

Islamic Extremism online
Where to find relevant online content, how to interpret it, and how to create a target acquisition pipeline
-This course is usually delivered in a manner contextualized for a specific region. We have existing Syllabi and case studies for Europe, Southern Asia, Southeast Asia.

For Revenue Authorities
How to scan Airbnb, Fiverr, and other marketplaces to detect tax-base erosion

Cryptocurrency Investigations
Track the Blockchain

GoldenSpear Courses
(only for our technology customers)

GoldenSpear Deep Fusion User Course

GoldenSpear Data Discovery User Course

GoldenSpear Deep Fusion Administrator Course

GoldenSpear Data Discovery Administrator Course

GoldenSpear Robot Studio Training
Create your own robots for websites, forums, or Dark Web sites.

GoldenSpear Studio
Creating and Managing Digital Identities

GoldenSpear Data Ingestion for Data Analysts
Creating ingestion workflows to connect to your own data sources

GoldenSpear AutoML
Using AI and ML to predict crime and terrorism

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