Combating Drug Trafficking

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Narcotics trafficking is a key challenge for law enforcement agencies. Web Intelligence is a key component in exposing such activities, as social media and the Dark Web are often used to peddle drugs online. Marijuana legalization in many jurisdictions for medicinal or recreational use, which might make it difficult to distinguish between a legal operation and black-market drug sales.

drug trafficking

Our Deep WEBINT solution allows analysts and investigators to detect individuals selling and shipping drugs online. With the information collected, the real identity of the individual can be exposed, along with relationships and connections.

Using custom-made Web Entity/Entities in Darknet and social media and corresponding Mobile Entity/Entities in Telegram and Wickr, users can infiltrate groups and channels where drug trafficking is initiated and coordinated in a safe and comprehensive manner.

Using our Deep FUSION solution users can cross reference black market sales of drugs against legitimate drug sales recorded by public health agencies, as well as accelerate investigations by blending forensic evidence, telecom data, and other case data.


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