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GoldenSpear Data Discovery

GoldenSpear Data Discovery is an AI-powered smart data lake, and is the foundation of the GoldenSpear product family.

In essence, it is a platform for processing structured and unstructured data from multiple sources. Structured data can be ingested from Relational or NoSQL databases, spreadsheets, API endpoints, or from structured file formats such as JSON or XML. Data is pre-processed and placed in a data lake, with careful attention to access control. Once the data is in place, users may perform data discovery, data exploration, data visualisation, and custom workflows. By applying robotic process automation, AI and deep learning, users can quickly discover important and relevant data to support investigations and decision making.

Key Features

Easy configuration

Easy configuration of data sources and data schema. No coding required.

Customized dashboards

Customized dashboards which update automatically as new data is processed.

Create custom reports

Create custom reports or develop your own template. Data will automatically be populated into the report, no code required.

Highly secure solution

Highly secure solution, providing property level security, audit trail, and AI-based alerts in case of suspicious activity by a particular user.

Built-in concept of an entity

Built-in concept of an entity, which has a custom set of properties.

Real time add comments

Users can add comments and annotation to individual data items. These are published in real time to all connected users.

Horizon Scanning

Support for collaboration, via sharing of documents, entities, or cases.

Use graph visualization

Use graph visualization and link analysis to understand your data, and expose hidden relationships

Built-in Support for Darknet

Adapt the solution to your use-case via APIs, workflow automation, and custom AI models.

Multi-lingual full text search

Multi-lingual full text search.

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