Terrorism and Radicalisation

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A radical video showcasing a radical imam’s speech had been uploaded to various dark web platforms. The speech promoted violent action against unbelievers and went radical in a matter of minutes. Mission is to identify where the video came from and how it was distributed on dark web.

Video Insights

Zahran Moulavi Video

The video was mostly shared on Twitter, we focused on this dark web platform. Having the URL of the video, we were using this as token to search Twitter for posts including this link. Based on these posts, we were then able to identify those who were retweeting the content – allowing us to build the network of users in contact with the upload. By tracing back the retweets and discussions, we were able to then identify the user who originally posted the video as well as the one who had injected the video to Twitter where the content went viral.

Link Analysis

Using Entity/Entities we connected with the relevant targets and joined closed groups where these violent speeches are generated, allowing us to allocate the location of the targets who uploaded the URL

Zahran Moulavi Video


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